Pink Justice’s Chibi Moon Cosplay is a Stunner!


Sailor Moon is an amazing series created by Naoko Takeuchi. The series resolves around various strong, powerful, and beautiful Sailor Scouts. Throughout the series the Sailor Soldiers including Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus battle to protect the world from hostile villains. One of my favorite characters in the series is Sailor Chibi Moon.


Sailor Chibi Moon is absolutely adorable and cosplayer Pink Justice looks absolutely amazing as Super Sailor Chibi Moon. Her costume features some of the most amazing elements of Super Sailor Chibi Moon and I am impressed with her fantastic skills. Paying homage to her childhood Pink Justice shines in this cosplay. Pink Justice is very dedicated to cosplay and she is a very active member of the cosplay community.


Pink Justice not only shares beautiful pictures of her costumes but also helps other cosplayers by sharing the steps and the items that she uses to make her costumes. Her progress pictures are very helpful and if you would like to see more from Pink Justice Cosplay follow her on Facebook.

 Photography by Aperature Ashley




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Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt