Pinup Princess Zelda Cosplay is a Hyrulian Beauty

We all know and love Princess Zelda.  Anyone who avidly plays video games has played a game featuring Zelda at some point, whether its via The Legend of Zelda series, Super Smash Bros, or Hyrule Warriors.  She is a Nintendo classic, but never before have we seen Zelda portrayed in the sexy light that Molecular Agatha showcases her in.


Molecular Agatha chooses to transform Princess Zelda into a pinup beauty in her unique Nintendo cosplay.  Maintaining Zelda’s shoulder armor, long blonde hair, and pointy ears, Agatha stays true to Zelda, while long white stockings aid in adding a bit of sex appeal.  Overall, a wonderfully well-done and creative cosplay by an extremely talented cosplayer!



Photography by Daniela Fajardo