Playful Ryuko Matoi Cosplay is All Wrapped Up in Silk

Ryuko Matoi has been one of the most popular choices for cosplay over the past two years.  She stars in the anime series Kill la Kill and proves to be quite a brave, badass young lady who truly fights to accomplish her goals.  Ryuko has a few outfits to choose from, but sometimes less is more, as cosplayer Rizzy no Okuni shows in her silk ribbon-adorned cosplay.


In her Ryuko Matoi cosplay, Rizzy no Okuni looks playful and sexy yet pure.  She is instantly recognizable as Ryuko by her funky blue and red hair, and overall she looks truly radiant as Ryuko.  Check out Rizzy no Okuni on Facebook to see more wonderful cosplays!

Photography by akathays