PlayStation 4s With Silent Hills’ P.T. Installed Selling for $1,500

The cancellation of Silent Hills caused numerous people to be bummed out — especially for those who played P.T., the playable teaser for the title. Since Silent Hills was cancelled, P.T. is getting pulled from the PlayStation Store later today and while this news might not come as a surprise the fact that you can earn $1,500 might be. It seems that PlayStation 4s with P.T. installed are going for quite the pretty penny on eBay, and could earn gamers up to $1,500. How quickly people are jumping on such an opportunity is unknown, but there’s a chance you could make yourself some money if you’re interested in handing your PlayStation 4 with P.T. installed over.

Sellers are attempting to justify the high prices by using enticing tag lines such as, “own a piece of gaming legend.” Would you drop the $1,500 in order to get a PlayStation 4 with P.T. on it?