This Poison Ivy Cosplay is Naturally Beautiful

Batman has had many villains in his day. Some of which are the most iconic comic book bad guys since … well ever. And Poison Ivy is certainly amongst the best of the best. With fiery red hair and very little clothing, she is sexy and feisty. No wonder she has made it into the Batman villain hall-of-fame.  She first appeared in Batman #181, obsessed with plants and all things botanical, she is a prominent “eco-terrorist”. She primarily uses toxins for her unique form of mind control, mainly playing on men’s affections for her. In some of the comics, she is portrayed as a potential love interest for Batman but she takes on the role of antagonist a lot more easily.


Cosplayers around the world have taken the icon of Poison Ivy and made many new looks for her, everything from the classic to the totally creative. This one rings true to the character and stays close to the legendary and recognizable classic Poison Ivy that fans have come to know and love (especially the men). Cosplayer UndercoverEnvy definitely rocks out this amazing and accurate version of the iconic Batman villain.



Photography by Rocky.


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