A Poison Ivy Cosplay That Will Make You “Phytophilous”!

Phytophilous is one of those weird words and it literally means “to be fond of plants”. English lesson aside, lets pay attention to this stunning Poison Ivy cosplay by French cosplayer and former World Cosplay Summit representative, NikitaCosplay.

It’s no wonder why Poison Ivy is one of Gotham’s most wanted – she’s a terrorist with the goal of protecting and preserving Mother Nature while wreaking havoc on Gotham with pheromones and mind controlling plant toxins.

Nikita has gone to Arkham city and back with this Poison Ivy cosplay and is well executed from the cherry, rosey red wig to the vines to the signature green body paint. NikitaCosplay embraces the beauty of Dr. Pamela Isley’s alter-ego in every minute detail.


Photography by Florian Fromantin
Written by Guest Contributor: VakariansCosplay
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