Pokemon Week: Lovely Misty Cosplay Brings the Spunky Character to Life


It wouldn’t be Pokemon week without a cosplay of one of the series’ leading ladies, Misty.  Misty has become extremely well-known for her loving, loyal personality and her adorable connection with one of the cutest Pokemon around, Togepi.  Misty is a water-type Pokemon trainer, and is extremely skilled at her craft, making her a powerful trainer that is a force to be reckoned with.


Because of Misty’s lovable personality and uncanny knack for beating her opponents in stunning fashion, Misty is quite the popular source for cosplay.  However, Misty is not easy to pull off.  Misty’s ponytail up-do and bright orange hair color make this character’s wig something hard to master.  Along with this, Misty’s clothing bares midriff, requiring quite an ample amount of confidence.


Even so, cosplayer Macy Rose pulls off Misty perfectly.  Everything about her Misty cosplay is spot-on, even the setting, as she places Misty in a beach setting, perfect for a water-type Pokemon trainer.  The added touch to these images is how Macy draws Ash’s name in the sand with a little heart.  Too cute!



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