Portal’s Chell is a Bit Roughed Up in This Stunning Cosplay

Portal was first introduced to the gaming world back in 2007, quickly gaining high praises for it’s variances from games out during the same time. Though it was short in nature, gamers came to quickly appreciate its unique gameplay and dark humor. It was GLaDOS that helped the title along, who antagonized Chell the entire duration of the title. While GLaDOS is quite the talker Chell is the complete opposite. In fact, the protagonist doesn’t utter a word during the whole game — leaving all the talking to her slightly evil capture.


While much about Chell is unknown, it is known that the woman was there during GLaDOS’ activation. Upon GLaDOS’ activation, Chell was held captive as the facility was locked down immediately afterward. It was in Portal 2 that it was revealed that Chell was a child of someone who worked at Aperture due to her signature being found on a “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” science project. Chell is inherently stubborn, determined, and is unwilling to give up.

As a woman who can come face to face with challenges others might run from, Chell instead embraces them — showing that she’s resilient, and unwavering. Despite possibly being too stubborn for her own good, her traits are more than admirable and have helped her in during her journey.


Everyone has different reasons for liking Chell — and the Portal series in general, but there’s not much denial in actually liking the character. Though her design is simplistic, not donning much more than orange capris and a white tank top, there’s still room to make Chell completely yours in the way of cosplay. That’s exactly what Meagan Marie has done. She’s roughed Chell up a bit, mastered the details the character has to offer, and added her own flare. Instead of Chell living within the pixelated world, she now lives in ours through Meagan Marie and there’s something astounding about such a feat.


Photography credits:
Hanime’s Cosplay
Estrada Photography