Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Cosplay is All Grown Up

Some might remember watching the Powerpuff Girls years ago, getting their fill of sugar, spice, and everything nice. It was hard to turn one’s head away, considering the show was not only adorable – the main characters being three crime fighting young girls, but it’s storyline and characters were something to pay attention to. Everyone had their favorite star, whether it be a villain like Him or Mojojojo, or one of the Powerpuff Girls. If you were on the girly side there was a chance that you were drawn to either Blossom or Bubbles – or maybe you were just a fan of pink and blue. However, some people were drawn to little miss Buttercup, the tomboy of the group who sported nothing but black and green.

Buttercup had attitude – being that she was the “spice” of the group, doesn’t think before she acts, is tough and knows how to take down enemies with ease. It might make sense that an all grown up version of Buttercup could reflect such personality traits, seeing as there are just some things you don’t grow out of. While viewers of the Powerpuff Girls were never given a mature version of the girls in show – not like Haruhiism Cosplay has delivered anyway. Her hair has gone from black to green, her dress has been changed out for a tube top and short shorts, and Buttercup now sports tattoos. If you didn’t think she was capable of kicking butt before, she sure is now and will look sexy while doing so.

Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Cosplay by Haruhiism Cosplay


That’s the magic of cosplay, isn’t it? Cosplayers are given a character to work with, such as Buttercup, and able to interpret and change her how they see fit, creating something completely all their own. Perhaps that’s why Haruhiism Cosplay is such a talented cosplayer. She has taken a character like Buttercup and turned her into something no one has ever imagined. For that, this cosplayer deserves a round dropped jaws.


Photography by greencat