Prepare Yourself for This Epic Talim Cosplay

Of all the fighters who you can play in Soulcalibur, Talim is by far one of the more fun females to kick ass with. Known as the Last Priestess of the Winds, Talim is certainly swift on her feet as she uses her ability to control the wind around her to guide her in battle. Born and raised in a small tribe in the Philippines, Talim knew that the world would soon be devoured by an evil force, thus she devoted her life to assuring that the evil force was eliminated before it had a chance to destroy the beautiful world that she had grown to cherish.


She followed the wind, as she battled her way through some of the biggest and most gruesome opponents to collect the fragments of the evil Soul Edge sword that drove many a man crazy as they sought out to yield its evil powers in hopes of finding eternal longevity. While she is certainly a force to be reckoned with, Talim’s peaceful nature has led her to forgive many of her worst adversaries. Due to her kind hearted nature, it is almost shocking to see just how much pain little Talim can cause when she sets her mind to her mission.


As she almost seems to dance around her enemies, Talim is quick to strike her opponents. However, due to her small stature, many gamers might find her difficult to master, as her moves do not deal a significant amount of damage, and they are certainly relatively easy to interrupt. Thus, those who have mastered her moves by listening to the winds around them, can attest to just how epic and fun Talim can be to play with.


French cosplayer, Nikita has certainly created some absolutely phenomenal cosplays that you should go check out on her DeviantArt and Facebook pages linked below; however, her embodiment of Talim certainly caught our eye. There are a handful of fighter cosplays out there that truly embody the character, and Nikita’s well-crafted version of Talim certainly is one of the most epic that we have seen as of yet! Dual wielding her gorgeous elbow blades, in her stunning white costume with breathtakingly beautiful gold accents, Nikita looks as if she is preparing to dance circles around her next opponent in order to obtain the next piece of the evil Soul Edge. You certainly do not want to stand in her way, as she follows the wind to assure that the world is free from the evil forces of the Soul Edge!



View more of Nikita’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook and DeviantArt pages!


 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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