Prepare for Your Mind to be Altered By This Psylocke Cosplay!

When Betsy Braddock was born, there was every intention of her having a normal life. Unfortunately, that did not happen.  After her parents were murdered by Mastermind, all Betsy had left were her two brothers- her twin brother, Brian, and her elder brother, Jamie.  But then Mastermind’s agent, Doctor Synne, attacked Jamie, causing Brian and Betsy to flee to hiding.  Although Betsy tried to protect her twin and closest friend, she was also attacked by Doctor Synne, who induced powerful psychic abilities on her, causing her to see illusions, and therefore envisioning her brothers as horrible creatures.  After the occurence with Doctor Synne, Betsy’s life was never the same, as she began to wield powers of her own, took on the pseudonym Psylocke, and eventually partnered up with the X-Men.


With the power of telepathy, Psylocke is able to read other’s minds as well as transfer her thoughts onto other people, even at great distances.  She can also cause people to have illusions, as well as tapping into the powers of her enemies and taking them on as her own.  As well as her mental abilities, Psylocke can produce powerful psi-bolts that can incur vast amounts damage on her enemies.  And she does all of this while still looking insanely beautiful! Deviantart user Mostflogged retains the same psyche-altering beauty while still possessing Psylocke’s powerful, dangerous side.  With long, purple hair and scandalous black leather suit, Mostflogged’s Psylocke is definitely something for Marvel fans to be grateful for.



Photography by Joseph Chi Lin and Eric M. Chu