Prepare to be Judged by this Kayle Cosplay

Kayle is a member of a race of winged beings. Locked in an ancient battle against evil, Kayle has fought tirelessly for thousands of years in her enchanted armor. She almost won the battle as well, until her sister, who fights on the side of evil, gained new powers by partnering with the League of Legends. Entering into an agreement in order to save her people, Kayle now also fights in the League of Legends. In exchange for her fighting, all League interference stopped on Kayle’s world.


Kinpatsu Cosplay is absolutely beautiful in her Kayle cosplay. Wearing exquisitely detailed armor, she is ready for any battle. The sword is gorgeously adorned with red gems and runes carved down the blade. Underneath the armor is a red bodysuit that matches the various red embellishments on the armor. Huge white feather wings complete the cosplay. Looking extremely regal, Kinpatsu-Cosplay has created a hard to beat Kayle cosplay.


Photography by Eric Solomon