Prepare to be Punished by Panty Anarchy in Epic Cosplay


Panty Anarchy – the angel that is only angelic by her looks and status. She is hardcore in everything she does, foul-mouthed, and a nymphomaniac. After she and Stocking are kicked out of heaven, they are sent to Daten City to destroy the Ghosts to collect enough Heaven Coins to return home.


It’s hard not to love this celebrity blonde. She is full of spunk, doesn’t take “no” for an answer, and can turn her panties into a gun. She has a goal to sleep with 1000 men while on Earth before they collect all the Heaven Coins and is not at all shy about her goal. You got to respect the girl’s (blunt) honesty about her lust and sexual intentions.


Incredibly talented cosplayer, Witchiko, from Brazil nails this Panty Anarchy cosplay. From the spiky hair to the manicured nails to the accessories, Witchiko brings her A-game to this epic cosplay. Added bonus, she even has a Chuck with her!

Photography by And Yamasaki




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