Prepare to be Stunned by Black Widow Cosplay

Black Widow is one of Russia’s deadliest spies. Fortunately, Natasha Romanoff joins the Avengers Initiative in order to atone for her past involving her time with the Red Room. Still haunted by her unfortunate past, Natasha will do anything to preserve what good is left in her, even if it means putting herself into considerable danger.

Mysteria Violent is a stunning red head who has the incredible ability to bring anyone she cosplays to life. Her work with Black Widow is no different. Her costume is so accurate to the movie that I’m in awe to learn that she made it all herself. It’s not easy to tell a story in just a few photos, but Mysteria Violent finds a way to show the power and pain and pure ambition that Black Widow is made of. I cannot wait to se more from you, Mysteria Violent. Well done!


Photography by Dietrih



Written by Guest Contributor: Julie Kitten