Princess Ariel Dons her Battle Garb in Amazing Cosplay

warrior-princess-ariel-cosplay-1Photography by GeneralGau’s Kitchen

Princess Ariel is the sweet, head-strong heroine of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Featuring wavy red hair and a purple scallop shell bra, this mermaid dreams of life on land. Entering into a contract with the sea witch Ursula, she almost loses everything she holds dear. Finding courage, she fights back to save not only herself, but those she loves.

warrior-princess-ariel-cosplay-2Photography by Undying Magic

In an original costume design, cosplayer Jaime Poison presents us with a battle ready Warrior Princess Ariel. Featuring her iconic scallop shell bra and luscious hair adorned with starfish, she is ready to enter into the fray. Wielding a golden trident reminiscent of her father’s, King Triton of Atlantica, she can easily defend herself and those she cares for. On her shoulder is a golden scallop shell embellished armor piece. She has golden cuffs on her wrist and matching knee high boots. Epic photographers have taken stunning photos of Jaime Poison, not only highlighting The Little Mermaid qualities, but also the battle ready additions and attitude she possesses.

warrior-princess-ariel-cosplay-3Photography by Noxi Photography




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