This Princess Peach Cosplay is Truly Royal


Princess Peach is known for being the helpless little perfect princess who always needs to be saved by the world’s favorite plumber. She is beautiful and sweet, and everyone who has ever heard of video games knows her name. Ever since the Mario games came out, she has been the main female character and love interest for Mario. Her original name was Princess Toadstool, but it was announced as Peach in the game Yoshi’s Safari in 1993.


Her yellow blonde hair, bright pink ballgown, and sky blue eyes have become iconic not only in the eyes of nerds, but in the world in general. Beside the Disney girls, she is probably the most popular princess.


Enayla Cosplay pulls off this classic cosplay amazingly, she puts a new royal spin on this old school character giving Peach some new life. It is as if Princess Peach joined the real world. Good work Enayla, we really love this epic cosplay!

Photography by Darkain Multimedia