Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask Cosplays are the Perfect Duo

For those of you who don’t know the lore of the Sailor Moon franchise, I’ll make this as simple as possible. Princess Serenity is the previous incarnation of Usagi Tsukino, a.k.a. Sailor Moon. Princess Serenity is the real name of the Moon Princess. She was the crown princess of the Silver Millenium, but she showed little interest in her royal duties, as she was infatuated with Prince Endymion (Tuxedo Mask) of Earth.

In the anime, Prince Endymion would sometimes visit the Moon Kingdom to see Princess Serenity. One day, not long before a planned attack on the Moon Kingdom, the Prince visited Serenity to warn her. Guards saw him and attempted to chase him away. Later, at the ball, the Prince appeared in disguise wearing a tuxedo and a white mask. He warned the Princess of the danger that was coming, but lingered too long and was caught up in the battle. When he tried to defend Princess Serenity from Beryl (as told in the manga) he is tragically killed. However, in the anime, it is Queen Metalia who kills the Prince. Princess Serenity’s life also ends shortly after. In the manga, a heartbroken Serenity uses Endymion’s sword to take her own life. In the anime, it is Queen Metalia who kills them both.


Of course, this isn’t the last time we see Tuxedo Mask. In the 20th century, he is reincarnated as Mamoru Chiba, and becomes the love interest of the reincarnated Princess Serenity, who, again, is best known as Sailor Moon. Truly, theirs is a love more powerful than death itself. In the manga, the reincarnatedTuxedo Mask starts out as an ordinary thief who is trying to find the Silver Crystal. His function goes beyond that of the cliched male hero or rescuer. It’s frequently Sailor Moon who goes to his rescue. In return, he lends her his strength, support, and guidance to use the Silver Crystal to defeat their enemies. To make it even more awesome, in the anime, Mamoru can transform into Prince Endymion, often in conjunction with Sailor Moon transforming into Princess Serenity.

That’s some complicated lore for those who are unfamiliar with the saga of the Sailor Senshi. In short, Prince Endymion / Tuxedo Mask and Princess Serenity / Sailor Moon are an enduring example of True Love.


Here, Holly Brooke and Ryan Kelly cosplay them to utter perfection in a charming photo series set in gorgeous landscapes and backgrounds. These two have nailed it. They completely look the part. Holly’s dress is gorgeous, her hair is on point, and all the little details are there. And Ryan is working that tuxedo and cape. Love the very anime/manga look of the mask as well. Photographer Victor Trejo did an incredible job of capturing the spirit of these two beloved characters. For all Sailor Moon fans, this is a cosplay duo to celebrate.