Project Triforce Unveils Mass Effect Disciple Prop

Pew, pew! Get excited, Mass Effect fans! Project Triforce has something just for you, as the company has delved into the Mass Effect series in order to create its latest full-size video game prop. What does that mean? Well, it means that you’ll be able to pretend you’re taking down Geth — or whoever the heck you’d like to shoot, while holding the “Disciple Full Scale Replica” in your hands. That’s right, folks, the popular shotgun is coming to you and in a way most have probably never imagined.

The replica itself has been cast in polystone, will be 23″ long, 11″ tall, and weighs twenty pounds. Time to hit the gym for anyone who might be weak armed, because this replica is heavy duty. Now, you might be slightly disappointed to know that this gun doesn’t shoot bullets but it does feature an LED light-up function. That’s just as good — if not better, right?

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the gun, then you better pre-order it now. Project Triforce is only making 500 pieces and they aren’t cheaply priced — albeit totally worth it, as the replica will sell for $550.00. Get pumped and get ready because the replica is expected in Q2 2016!




Source: Project Triforce