Psylocke Cosplay Rises from the Grave

Psylocke is an extremely powerful mutant, her telepathic and telekinetic powers rivaling other talented psychic mutants. Originally only possessing the precognitive ability, her powers manifested as she matured. Having the ability to create psionic weapons, her vast powers make her an asset to whatever team she joins. Hailing from England, the British beauty traveled to the United States and joined the X-Men. There she undergoes many trials, tribulations and triumphs, along with being killed and then resurrected.


Cosplayer Anastasya01 wears Psylocke’s skin tight black leotard in this amazing cosplay. Instead of the traditional red sash around her waist, which Anastasya01 exhibits in another version of her Psylocke cosplay, she dons a silver belt adorned with the X-Men logo. Black gloves, armbands and black bands on her legs, along with black knee high boots complete the look. Wielding a katana, Anastasya01 is ready to take down any foe that stands in her way.


Photography by Dmitriy Shitikov and Veniamin Kazakov