Pure Gold! A Chel Cosplay!

Who could ever be tired of the glorious Eldorado? Chel, that’s who. This hip-swinging diva picks up a life of cons and crime and plans her leave, seeking bigger adventures. When she comes face to face with the pale and obnoxious duo, Tulio and Miguel, her gears start turning. If she helps these oddballs become fake idols to the people of her city, she can hitch a ride back to Spain with them!

Near the end of the traditional animated film run, Dreamworks created one of the 90’s most beloved cult classics ever! The Road to Eldorado. It didn’t get the praise it deserved in theaters, labeled as a box office bomb, but its edgy and hilarious story, loveable leading trio (and horse), and wonderfully composed soundtrack, won the hearts of many and has carried itself strongly to this very day.

Photography by Julien Rico

Cosplayer, Chris, graces the passionate audience of Eldorado with this incredible portrayal of Chel, the sassy, armadillo carrying native. The bright fuchsias bounce off the white pieces of her costume, while her teal accessories pull everything together. Chris’ lovely and soft tanned complexion harkens that of Chel’s perfectly, and she rocks that gorgeous raven black hair and blunt cut bangs. The location of the shoot is absolutely breathtaking, and resembles the mysterious setting of the film with much success. This a crisp, clean, and exciting costume that would make any fan of the film proud!

Photography by Wenbin


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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz