A “Purr-fect” Cosplay of Skullgirls’ Ms. Fortune

Photography by ckdecember

When it comes to fast-paced, super fun fighting games, Skullgirls just might be the best of the best! Not only are the fighters super-hot anime girls, they also have some intense power-moves that make each fight incredibly satisfying. Perhaps one of the most purr-fect fighters to kick ass and take names within the game is the notoriously feisty theif, Ms. Fortune.

Photography by RocknamLee

This feisty feline fighter can deal crazy amounts of damage with her super-fast powered kicks. Her ability to precisely control her body gives her the aptitude to extend her muscles and tendons to add extra force behind each of her attacks, and she can even detach her head and limbs to surprise her adversaries with randomly fast and unexpected strikes!

Photography by RocknamLee

Not only does Ms. Fortune’s epic fighting style make her one of the most enjoyable players to pwn with, she also makes a long tournament seem much more fun with her hilarious puns. It is so easy to see why Canadian cosplayer, MeltingMirror, decided to bring her to life to debut at the 2013 Colossalcon convention. Her embodiment of Ms. Fortune is absolutely purr-fect!

Photography by LiquidCocaine-Photos

From her cute brown pointy ears, her unique tail that can be used for a katana-like blade, to her adorable blonde wig that compliments her brown and teal outfit, MeltingMirror has made sure to craft a stunning creation of Ms. Fortune’s cute outfit that certainly gives her that spunky feline persona that is essential to her spot-on embodiment of Ms. Fortune. MeltingMirror has crafted some incredible cosplays; however, we absolutely adore her knock-out creation of one of the most epic fighters in Skullgirls, and we are eager to see who else she brings to life in the future!

Photography by RocknamLee



 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi

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