Queen Sheba is Stunning in This Amazing Cosplay

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is an anime focus on a boy named Aladdin, his friends, and his adventures as a Magi. Aladdin is a reincarnation of Solomon — who was a Magi many, many years ago. Aladdin doesn’t remember much about his past, his mother included, and often seeks out his sense of purpose and who he is. Queen Sheba, as some might remember, is actually Aladdin’s mother and was killed while pregnant with him.


Despite him not having knowledge of his mother, there are definitely traits of hers that he possesses. While Aladdin’s hair is striking and blue, the same can be said for his eyes, his mother had pink hair and pink eyes. Their smile is also similar, lighting up whatever area they happen to be in. Even though her part in Magi is small, cosplayers have taken to becoming the woman.


Mao-chan is one of the many who have done so, but she truly brings Queen Sheba to life. Her take on the character is absolutely stunning and makes one believe that Queen Sheba truly exists. There’s no doubt that Mao-chan has put love into this cosplay and it’s physically visual through the details in the cosplay.

Photography by Sweet Sensation Photography