Quiet Cosplay is Silent but Deadly

The latest femme fatale to be introduced in the Metal Gear Solid series is Quiet, a mysterious girl with no voice and amazing powers. Highly skilled in combat, she was originally an assassin focused on killing Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan. With a severely traumatized past, her motives with the Diamond Dogs were a mystery. Keeping silent in order to protect those around her, she ended up saving Venom Snake multiple times though he was her intended target. Able to go invisible as well as an expert with her firearms, she became an asset to the Diamond Dogs on various missions.


Due to her injuries, Quiet’s outfit is rather minimal. Cosplayer ZombieQueenAlly is both beautiful and deadly in her Quiet cosplay. Wearing the black two piece swimsuit, black gloves, and torn stockings, she tracks her enemy. Combat boots, backpack and utility belt finish up the costume. Posing with her sniper rifle, ZombieQueenAlly is an amazing Quiet.




Photography by Dark Age Photography





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