Rachel Alucard Cosplay is Darkly Elegant

Head of the Alucard family and extremely powerful, Rachel is a force to be reckoned with in the game Blazblue. She is a vampire who hates her own urges and her upper class nature causes her to be arrogant. Her powers range from creating a dimension called the Requiem, which crosses into her own dream world. She possesses the Tsukuyomi Unit, which is a Sankishin that has “absolute defense”, which manifests itself as golden shield.




Calssara looks absolutely darling as Rachel, posing with a poise and distinction that would be unique to Rachel herself. The gorgeous detailing on her dress, hair bows, and shoes, really reflect the time and effort put into making this beautiful cosplay. She even carries an adorable little plushie of her bat familiar, Gii.

rachel-alucard-cosplay-3 rachel-alucard-cosplay-1


Photography by VW