Rainbow Dash Cools Herself by the Fountain in Gorgeous Cosplay


Rainbow Dash is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. An extremely competitive and loyal pony, she has a large love of flying and speed with the dream of one day joining the Wonderbolts, a group of elite fliers. She is in charge of the weather in Ponyville, an occupation that suites her love of flight perfectly.


In a stunning and magical cosplay, Nica Stone becomes the multi-colored pony beautifully. In a delicate leotard that goes from dark blue to light, she leans against a flowing fountain as the sun glows behind her. Her hair is a slew of colors creating the rainbow pattern from which Rainbow Dash derives her name. Poking through the vibrant hair is a pair of ears and resting in front of them, some goggles. From her back drapes layers of color, mimicking the pony’s tail. Nica Stone really displays her creativity in creating this cosplay but still remains true to the character.



Photography by Candy and Cream Boudoir



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