Ranked Number One in Our Lists: Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny


“Go NEXT!” Tiger and Bunny follows 8 Heroes with superpowers called NEXT, a mutation appearing in special individuals. Each of these costumed Heroes has been sponsored by a major corporation in order to bring justice and peace to the city of Sternbild. These Heroes are broadcast live on Hero TV, a popular TV show which tallies up the points from their heroic deeds in order to select an MVP.


Blue Rose is one of these costumed Heroes sponsored by Pepsi NEX. Her NEXT power is the ability to control ice which she uses to capture villains, aid other Heroes, and escape dangerous situations. One of her more signature moves, ‘Cutie Escape’, involves Blue Rose sliding down the nearest slope of ice in order to escape danger. Blue Rose is also a talented singer, and she works as a pianist when not in costume.


Alien Orihara does an amazing job portraying Blue Rose. Her costume design is flawless and her spunky, cute personality, which shines through in her photos, is a perfect fit to Blue Rose. Her ice may be a little cold, but this stunning cosplay by Alien Orihara is a warm sight this winter.


Photos by AndrewHitc
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