Raven Cosplay is Eerily Stunning

Raven is the daughter of Arella and Trigon. Trigon is a powerful demon, and people feared that Raven would take after him soon after her birth. Through the help of others, she learned to control her emotions and power through meditation and fled to Earth to further distance herself from her demonic father. Raven met and became friends with four other powerful teenagers, and they became the Teen Titans. Although they were all friends, Raven always disctanced herself from the others by keeping to her room and meditating. She hopes to never involve her new friends with her dark fate, and would do anything to protect them.

Hella A is here showing off this eerie beauty. Albeit Raven is a little understood, most people are fully aware of her power and wonder. Staying true to the character’s usual garb, she wears the black leotard and indigo cloak. I love how Hella A has her eyes glow purple to stay in character, and that shows true attention to detail. I, among many others, truly appreciate the work put into this cosplay from the tip of her hooded cloak to the soles of her ruffled boots. She certainly pays homage to this beloved demon.

Photography by Pugoffka and Carmen Photo