Re-Visit the Terrifying ‘Friday the 13th’ in New Video Game

Set with a perfectly timed October 2015 release, the possibility of a new horror game featuring the king of horror himself, Jason Voorhees has fans reeling already. Any fan of good horror games or of the classic Friday the 13th film series can see why this marriage has been waiting to happen. Early reports are saying that the game (still in development) will be a game of cat and mouse co-operative structure with one player acting as the killer and the others as his victims desperate to survive.

The last time Mr. Voorhees was featured in a video game was over 25 years ago, and this new game is sure to help introduce younger gamers to this slightly older franchise and will hopefully help to re-vitalize it. Promising an all-platforms release, the game should be hitting shelves later this year and until then we’ll be marathoning the Friday the 13th films in anticipation.