Regain Your Memories with this Terra Branford Cosplay

Terra Branford is one of the central characters of Final Fantasy VI. Often thought of as the main protagonist, the plot seemingly revolves around her and her powers. Able to call upon magic in battle, the idea of humanity is prominent in her mind. Suffering from amnesia, she struggles not only to regain her memories but understand her powers. As she regains her memory, Terra changes from a timid, confused young lady to a confident and determined one who is willing to fight to make the world better.


Creating a costume based off the artwork of Sakizou, Bellatrix Aiden presents us with a divine Terra Branford cosplay. Supremely regal, her face is framed by a laced and tasseled high collar. Red dress is adorned with ruffles, more lace and beautiful gold embellishments. White leggings disappear into red and gold heels adorned with a green gem that matches the one on her dress and dangling from her choker. The attention to detail is amazing. Bellatrix Aiden has outdone herself with this Terra Branford cosplay.

Photography by Eva