Rei and Asuka Wow in Plugsuit Cosplays

Asuka Langley Soryu is one of the main characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion. A 14 year old child prodigy, she is an Evangelion pilot, designated as the Second Child of the Evangelion Project. Already completing a university degree, her smarts are only rivaled by her temper. This comes from the fact that she grew up in a troubled home, with her mother suffering from mental illness. Refusing to cry when her mother passed, Asuka built a wall trapping any emotions, not allowing herself to grieve or let others see her weaknesses.

Rei Ayanami is the First Child of the Evangelion Project, piloting Evangelion Unit-00. An emotionally distant girl, her actions and social awkwardness confounds her comrades. Knowing that she is expendable, her lack of self-worth has led her to being unable to express emotions. This lack of expression changes as the series goes on, however, with Rei being able to cry.

Cosplayers Nerd Bunny and Dahlia Thomas slip into Asuka’s red plugsuit and Rei’s white plugsuit, custom created by Latex Catfish, in this amazing duo cosplay. Both plugsuits are seamless, with perfect details and a perfect fit. Both girls have their respective interface headsets on, looking in the distance as if preparing for battle.


Photography by David Love Photography