Relax by the Koi Pond with this Nami Cosplay

Nami grew up with the legend of the Tidecaller in the dark waters. As she grew, the legend became more and more real as their moonstone started to fade, no longer lighting the waters as brightly as it had. Nami’s people relied on the stone for protection against the terrors of the deep that lurked in the darkening water. As time passed she grew tired of waiting for the Tidecaller, taking it upon herself to battle those terrors to retrieve the abyssal pearl to exchange for the moonstone. When she went to the surface however, no one was there waiting as the legend had said. Not willing to return to her people empty handed, Nami set off to, the first of her people to explore the land above.


Yuki Godbless transforms herself into the beautiful Koi Nami in this amazing cosplay. Lounging in a koi pond, her costume is out of this world perfect. From the colors and shading to the shape of the headpiece down to the design of the tail, Yuki Godbless has created a stunning Koi Nami cosplay.

Photography by Jiaki Darkness