Relax by the Pool with this Ahri Cosplay

Ahri always knew that she was different from other foxes. Feeling as if she born was in the wrong skin, she had absorbed some of magic in the air Ionia. Stumbling upon the dying men left behind after a bloody battle, she ended up drawing a soul into her, transforming her into a human. Though amazed, she knew the transformation was not complete. Going around using her feminine wiles, she stole human life essance, but the more she stole the more guilty she became. Turning to the League of Legends, for her participation she was promised that the change would be made permanent without further damage.


Cosplayer Aralyn Scarlett puts her own twist on the nine-tailed champion in her pool party Ahri cosplay. Wearing a one piece black bathing suit with gold straps, she is gorgeous. Rocking strappy heels, black cat ears, and white tails, she relaxes by the pool in style. Thanks to amazing photo editing, her orb is a bright swirling blue vortex, much like the water she sits by.


Photography by MH Photography