Resident Evil Ada Wong Cosplay Will Blow You Away

Resident Evil is one of the most well-known and popular horror franchises in history.  Starting off as a thrill-inducing video game, the series was later transformed and placed onto the big screen in multiple film renditions.  Our love for Resident Evil is never-ending, as there are consistently new games being added to the series’ roster.  On top of the environments and gameplay that keep us enticed with Resident Evil, we have also grown attached to the game’s characters.  One of these characters is the beautiful Ada Wong.


Talented cosplayer Akina Gasai is an incredible Ada Wong.  Her red, silk dress was created perfectly, giving her an aura of class and sophistication.  In contrast, the gun strapped to her leg proves she is certainly a badass babe to be reckoned with.  Simply amazing.



Photography by Arthy and Haji