Resplendent Rey Cosplay Awakens The Force

Rey, the feisty heroine from Jakku has captured the hearts of fans everywhere as soon as she hit the screen in The Force Awakens. Headstrong, brave, resourceful, and clever, Rey transverses the galaxy accompanied by her adorable droid BB-8 and her loyal ex-stormtrooper companion, Finn. During her journey, Rey makes an incredible discovery that will change her life forever, that she possesses her own powers and can use the Force herself.



Cosplayer Alithia truly brings the beloved heroine to life in real-time with her incredible cosplay. Her use of muted colored fabrics give a nod to Rey’s former life on the arid planet of Jakku. She carries Rey’s quarterstaff expertly, prepared for any danger that would come her way.


Photography by Lorenzo So