Retro Danger Mouse Cosplay is Ready to Save the Day

Danger Mouse is a children’s animated television show that loosely parodies British spy fiction like James Bond and Danger Man. It appeals to teens and adults as well thanks to its sharp and witty British humor. The show features the eponymous Danger Mouse, an English mouse who is the world’s greatest secret agent. He’s so secret that his codename has a code name. The show originally ran in the UK from September of 1981 to March of 1992.

Together with his bumbling sidekick Penfold, Danger Mouse does battle to save the world from monsters, master thieves, the narrator, and all sorts of crazed fiends. This highly skilled spy mouse speaks 34 languages fluently, including some extraterrestrial ones. Danger Mouse is brave, courageous, good hearted (though he does have a bit of a short temper), and is always willing to lend a hand. He’s quick with puns, an able acrobat, and mastered a special form of martial arts.


Danger Mouse was the first British cartoon to break into the American TV market since predecessors Drawings, Ludwig, and Paddington Bear were shown in the 1970’s. In the states, it was broadcast on Nickelodeon in the 1980’s, as a segue into prime-time on A&E, and then later on Nick-at-Nite. Due to the show’s resounding popularity, the orginal returned to British television schedules in 2007. And in June of 2014 it was announced that a new series was being made for broadcast on CBBC in 2015.

Some of us grew up with Danger Mouse. Others caught it on reruns. The mouse and his cohorts aren’t as well known stateside as many other cartoon equivalents, but the quality of the writing is such that many who get a chance to watch it are quickly hooked. A cosplay of Danger Mouse is likely not as immediately obvious as, say…Harley Quinn, but for those who know DM, there’s nothing but love and respect for the cosplay homage to this super secret agent. Just look at Sootydragon. Her Danger Mouse is ADORABLE. The ears, the boots, the eyepatch, and the belt are all spot on. Extra cuteness points for this being a crossplay and a gijinka. Wherever Sootydragon goes in this cosplay, she’s sure to save the day.


Photography by Shinigami Photography and Matthew Dudley Photography