Riddle’s Tifa Lockhart Cosplay is Radiant

This darling of the Final Fantasy universe is one tough and strong lady. Tifa Lockhart is a member of the prominent resistance group AVALANCHE who is in opposition to the Shinra Electric Power Company. Hard working, strong, and with a big heart, Tifa is dedicated both to her cause and the well-being of her friends, especially Cloud, and those in her group. A fierce protectress, Tifa is the heart of AVALANCHE and uses her compassion to keep the movement together.

tifa-lockhart-cosplay-2Riki Lecotey (also known as Riddle) has created a stunning Tifa cosplay. Posing in front of an industrial type background really highlights the world of Final Fantasy VII and perfectly juxtaposes Tifa’s spirited strength. Riddle’s pose is graceful and elegant and has Tifa looking towards a brighter future for herself and her comrades. The attention to detail on this cosplay is stunning, with excellent craftsmanship especially on the elbow guard.


Photography by Ngo Photography