Ride into Battle with this Sejuani Cosplay

Sejuani is one of the tribe leaders of the Freljord. Destined for greatness, Sejuani watched her fellow members of the Winter’s Claw tribe fall to starvation and cold around her, including her own siblings. With unrelenting faith and determination, she battled the strongest tribe members, trained barefoot in blizzards, and went without food. When she finally took over leadership of the tribe, she urged its members to follow in her footsteps and watched as the tribe grew in number and strength.


Mistzy Cosplay has created Traditional Sejuani in this amazing cosplay. Wearing her one horned helmet and furs, she is ready to brave the harshest cold. The helmet is the highlight of the piece, with the horn appearing organic and damaged. The execution of the helmet is also superb. A leather top covers her chest with matching leather arm guards. Her silver belt and the silver embellishment along her neck are perfectly created. Beethy photography captures the fun side of Sejuani as well as her beauty in her beautiful photos.


Photos by Beethy Photography