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Ride into Westeros With ‘Game of Thrones’ 2D Animated Video

Winter is coming and so is season 5 of Game of Thrones. While we wait for the drama to resume, a cool new GoT-inspired animation has arrived, and it takes us on a journey through the first four seasons of the fantasy epic.

While this cool animated intro would suit the upcoming episodic game by Telltale, it also serves as a fun animated spin on the popular HBO series.

Epic Video: Game of Goats

The animated introduction, created by BlackMeal VFX’s Baptiste Pagani and Thomas Lecomte, gives a clear view of what has happened over the past few seasons. Watch it a couple of times, and you will be sure to recognize a couple of key moments including Bran getting pushed off the tower, the red wedding and of course, an empty throne.

Not only is the animation work incredible, but the music also fits perfectly with the mood, rounding it together. Just remember Game of Thrones viewers, Winter is Coming.