Rin Tohsaka Cosplay is an Adorable Mage

Rin Tohsaka was featured in both Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night.  In Fate/Zero, Rin is merely a little girl whose bloodline flowed with mana and the power of mages.  Her father was a combatant in the Holy Grail War, where he fought to the death against fellow mages, but to no avail.  In Fate/Stay Night, Rin is all grown up, and it is her turn to fight in the Holy Grail War herself.


Cosplayer May Sakaali shows Rin in a more relaxed light than what we typically see in the action-packed anime series, Fate/Stay Night.  May looks adorable, just like Rin herself, and her costume is spot-on to Rin’s.  A wonderful cosplay by a talented cosplayer.



Photography by FanoRed