Rin Tohsaka Fights for the Holy Grail in Amazing Cosplay

Rin Tohsaka is one of the main female protagonists in Fate/stay night. A successor of her family’s wealth and magecraft, she worked hard to gain esteem among her peers and prove herself worthy. A competitive and hard working person to the public, she can be lazy and bossy in private. While her personality may be harsh on the outside, deep down she cares for those she loves and only wants the best for them. Though she resents all the sacrifices she has had to make in her life, she is still determined to prove she is worthy of the Tohsaka name. Able to summon Archer, she is at first disappointed, but grows to like him.


Cosplayer Kazeplay has created Rin’s casual attire wonderfully. With her signature long black hair tied back into two ponytails with black ribbons, she is cuter than she realizes. Wearing a maroon long sleeve with a golden cross emblazoned on the front, she is ready to fight for the Holy Grail. With a black pleated skirt and matching black stockings, she looks exactly like Rin Tohsaka.


Photography by Novii Photography
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