Rise Kujikawa is Ready for the Stage in Epic Cosplay


Rise Kujikawa is a cheerful, outspoken idol. Performing as Risette for the masses, she ends up leaving it all behind to live with her grandmother. Becoming involved with the Investigation Team after being kidnapped, she falls in love with the Protagonist and offers him all her support. Using her Persona to help the Team, she comes to realize that Risette is only a part of herself and pledges to return to being an idol, if only to show her other traits.


Cosplayer Brigitte Quinn has created a spot on costume of Rise’s school uniform. Her hair is pulled back into two braids and her large eyes pull you in. Underneath the black top is a white turtleneck. Accenting the top is a yellow tie and the school symbol. Wearing a plaid skirt and knee high stockings, she pulls of the school girl look perfectly. With cheerful, fun posing captured by Eleventh Photo, Brigitte Quinn brings Rise to life.



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