Riven Cosplay Wanders Looking for Redemption

Riven was once one of the most skilled soldiers in the Noxian army. Hard work and determination are what set her on that path, as her understanding of Noxian values had taught her. These values, however, were shattered during one horrific battle. Surrounded by Demacian forces, a retreat was called for along with aid. Instead of aid, Singed was sent in, killing both friend and foe alike with his deadly poison. The only survivor of the ordeal, Riven shattered her sword as she left her previous life behind, the terror of what she had witnessed playing havoc with her mind. She joined the League of Legends in an attempt to redeem herself of past actions and again have honor.


Kinpatsu Cosplay makes an epic Riven. Short white hair frames her face beautifully as she wanders the barren world with only footwraps protecting her feet. Spiked shoulder armor, a white dress cinched at the waist with leather, and an armored left leg, she recreates Riven flawlessly. Wielding Riven’s broken sword, she searches the world around her for the purpose in life she had lost.


Photography by GiantShev Photography