Rocket League’s Item System Set To Expand On Certified and Painted Variants

Psyonix has just revealed more details regarding the upcoming Rocket League update this month. The update will is set to add-on to the existing online item drop pool by using an Item Attribute system, which will allow special versions of items to be dropped.

The developer announced that new Painted items will be included in this month’s update; these painted items are will be recolors of already existing items. The new color of the item will be selected randomly from a variety of available colors including but not limited to “Titanium White” and “Burnt Sienna.” When the update is officially live only the Toppers and Wheels will have access to this feature, however, the list will expand sometime in the near future.

The update will also feature Certified items, which monitors a particular stat during when you’re playing online. A special prefix to the item will indicate which stat it will monitor and each time your stat increases the certified item will level up.

“For example, if I discover a ‘Sniper Wizard Hat,’ I’ve acquired a special version of the ‘Wizard Hat’ Topper that tracks ‘Long Goals.’ Every time I score a Long Goal in an online match, the hat’s stat counter will increase by one,” the developer explains. “When I reach fifty Long Goals with that hat equipped, it becomes a ‘Skillful Sniper Wizard Hat,’ and after many more, an ‘Incredible Sniper Wizard Hat,’ and so on. Each tracked statistic has its own set of prefixes that we’ll leave for you to discover. Stats use different thresholds for when their prefix changes based on difficulty. For instance, you’ll need to earn a lot more ‘Clears’ than ‘Upside Down Goals’ to reach the same tier of prefix.”