Rocket Raccoon Cosplay Delivers An Epic Victory


Rocket Raccoon, famed furry hero and esteemed member of the Guardians of the Galaxy is back. Rocket Raccoon, in his Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 outfit really packs a punch. The Cockney mid-range fighter has a zany fighting style, vicious energy knife attacks, and one giant gun make him very formidable. After he defeats Galactus and saves the Earth in the game, he decides to visit Raccoon City to take a vacation. Unaware of the undead plague and clad in a Hawaiian shirt, he has to fight off a whole horde of zombies! Despite him being the second smallest character in the series, he truly brings the fight to the table and makes you want to “Never doubt a raccoon.”


Alexia Jean Grey makes Rocket’s blue and red military-esque uniform super cute and combat-ready by swapping pants for a skirt, adding heeled boots, and battle-hardened arm bracers. Her take on the costume really encapsulates the best aspects of the original design, yet with her own spin. The furry raccoon ears and tail are an awesome touch that really bring her personality and some really excellent creativity into the costume. The arm bracers, ammo belt, and galactic gun ensure her preparation for her ultimate victory. The white strip on her V-cut bangs is an awesome detail that coordinates with the costume and ties into the accuracy of Rocket’s white facial fur. Even her makeup is a glamorous ode to Rocket’s “raccoon” look. Her cute and self-assured poses really capture Rocket’s attitude. Alexia Jean Grey truly delivers an epic victory in this beautiful cosplay!



Photography by photosNXS