Rogue Cosplay Embraces Her Savage Side

Rogue is a supermutant that has some pretty awesome abilities.  She is able to absorb the powers of anyone she chooses, but that isn’t always a good thing, as Rogue’s power-absorbing ability is not something that she can choose to do, but is involuntary.  Rogue also can absorb people’s memories, which often-times are bad, leaving her with the memories of those who have been traumatized.


The incredible Ryoko Demon becomes Rogue in her more savage form, harking back to her Savage Land day.  Ryoko looks like a beautiful supermutant, with her large curly wig that is absolute perfection and truly spot-on to Rogue’s signature hairstyle.  To see more of Ryoko Demon, visit her Facebook page!

Photography by Kifir