Rozen Maiden’s Living Doll Kirakishou is Given a Beautiful Cosplay!

Forming a friendship with a living doll name Shinku, young Jun Sakurada’s life takes a dramatic turn from online shopping all day to meeting other living dolls who were created centuries ago by the mysterious dollmaker, Rozen.  As Jun becomes friends with each, readers/viewers of the popular manga/anime, Rozen Maiden, learn about each of these living dolls, and witness Jun and his attempt to find a girl that is said to be perfect, a girl named Alice.

rozen-maiden-cosplay-4Kirakishou, the seventh and youngest of the Rozen Maiden dolls, definitely stands apart from the rest.  She is slightly taller and wears unique, ruffly clothing, has white-gray hair, and has one yellow eye and a flower in the socket where the other one should be.  Cosplayer Clodia Romero created an absolutely stunning cosplay of the lovely doll, Kirakishou.  Not only is the costuming spot-on, but the setting and atmosphere of her photos are amazing, creating a tone of both beauty and creepyness, similarly to Kirakishou herself.



Photos taken by Eva.