Rule 63 Deathstroke Cosplay Brings Battle-Hardened Beauty

Slade Wilson, the skilled assassin, versatile weaponsmith, and combat master Deathstroke has been given a gorgeous, confident, and beautifully battle-hardened rule 63 transformation by the amazing Kay Victoria Cosplay. In Arkham Origins, Deathstroke, who is allegedly one of the highest paid mercenaries in the world, takes up the lofty $50 million bounty placed on Batman’s head by Black Mask. He and seven other highly trained assassins accept the job have just one night to kill Batman. The former soldier-turned assassin Deathstroke proves himself to be a truly formidable foe for the caped crusader. However, even one of the world’s deadliest assassins is no match for Batman and is soon put in his place behind Blackgate’s iron bars.


Kay Victoria Cosplay’s take on Deathstroke spares no expense in detail. The orange-and blue scheme of the armor is executed perfectly throughout. It is abundantly clear that excellent craftsmanship went into each of the individual pieces, including Deathstroke’s signature mask and the intricate detailing on her gloves. Outfitted for battle, she is armed to the teeth with weapons that Wilson would definitely have as a staple in his armory. The eye patch completes the look, harkening back to the incident where Wilson’s own wife Adeline, stricken with grief over her husband’s carelessness with their son, shot him in the face with the intent to kill, but in the end only cost him his right eye. Kay Victoria Cosplay’s take on Deathstroke is sleek and innovative. She poses with determination and confidence in her photos, capturing Deathstroke’s persona and delivering a wickedly stunning cosplay!



Photography by Ron Gejon Photography



Written by Guest Contributor: Corset Scars