Rule Outworld with this Kotal Kahn Cosplay

Kotal Kahn made his first apperance in Mortal Kombat X. As the ruler of Outworld, he was worshiped by the Mayan’s as their war god. An Osh-Tekk, he is the last of his race, but comes from a royal lineage as his father ruled their realm before it merged with Outworld. Incredibly powerful, he not only gains power from the sun, but can use it to heal himself. Along with super-human strength, he can call upon Blood Magik to further buff himself up. Using these abilities he was able to overthrow Mileena, becoming the ruler of Outworld.

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While being worshiped by the Mayans, his appearance resembles more of an Aztec eagle warrior. Yeliz Cosplay nails this look in her Kotal Kahn cosplay. Her skin is painted a jade color, with various markings on her torso. Bringing the neck piece down to create a top, she sticks with the overall patterns of Kotal Kahn’s design. Red skirt is held up with a belt and adorned in the front with a skull and bones. Feather headdress, nose piercing, and arm guards complete the attire. Wielding a Macuahuitl she is fierce in her posing, even holding a heart in her hands.

Photography by SLDixon Photography and Houng Taing Photography