Rule the Arcade with this Miss Fortune Cosplay

This Miss Fortune cosplay features one of toughest bounty hunters among the people of Bilgewater. With her own ship and a legend to match her good looks, you would think this lovely lady had the perfect life. But even gold can be tinted. As much as Miss Fortune has amassed in her life, it is due in part to having her mother horribly stolen from her in her youth. To this end Miss Fortune uses her twin pistols, Shock and Awe in the hunt to find her mothers killer. This hunt led her to the League of Legends, where she fights not only to find this red-eyed rogue but also in an effort to unite the people of Bilgewater.


As with all League of Legends champions, Miss Fortune has a wide variety of skins to choose from when selecting her to play. The latest to join her closet, Arcade Miss Fortune, a fun and bubbly take on the hardened bounty hunter. Melodi slips into her colorful costume in an amazing cosplay. Strutting her stuff in a purple checkered mini skirt, purple boots and a pink, orange, and white top and vest combo, she is ready to take down any enemy with her pixel bullets. Long pink and lavender hair flows out from under her large pink hat with an 8-bit heart on the front. Melodi really hits the mark with this fun Arcade Miss Fortune cosplay.

arcade-miss-fortune-cosplay-3 arcade-miss-fortune-cosplay-1

Photography by Optimus Visual Arts