Rule the Night Elves with this Tyrande Cosplay

Passionate and caring are the words that best describe Tyrande, high priestess of the goddess Elune and current head of the Sisterhood of Elune. As leader of the night elves, she is sworn to protect her people. Her actions to this end has left her well loved and admired, though some may find her choices disagreeable. A powerful priestess, she is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the night elves, even if it means battling without honor.


With such skills it is no wonder that she is a member of the Heroes of the Storm game from Blizzard. Falling in love with her skin in the game, cosplayer Narga Lifestream decided she needed to bring it to life. Wearing regal battle armor, she knocks this outfit out of the park with her detail. Butterflies in her hair, luminescent gems in the armor, the feather pattern on the bow, the small details really show her love for the character. Posing in a forest and with amazing edits, Narga Lifestream achieves victory in bringing Tyrande to life!


Photography by Pugoffka